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Jack researches the Best Values in School Backpacks for YOU – Check Ratings, Features, Accessories and Low Prices 

Everyone wants to get the best deal on a backpack and that goes double for me. Jack and his buddies at Backpack Ratings are here to make sure that you can find the best and latest information on the largest selection of quality backpacks available. Jack had collected information from all over the web, from suppliers and has even collected a few special “exclusive” tips form the manufacturers themselves.

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What Makes Me a “Backpack Expert?”

That’s a great question and one you should ask of any person or website offering advice on backpacks. Well, to start, I grew up in the Rocky Mountain high country with a group of friends who regularly backpacked into the back country in and around Colorado. I remember buying my first backpack form am Army Surplus store. Since that time, I have taught myself a great deal about backpacks. I knew the importance of good, solid equipment when I got caught up in a few tight spots through the years.

So how do those 30+ years of high country backpacking make you an expert in school backpacks? First, I know a solid backpack when I see it 0- school or otherwise. Second, I’ve taught kids and have my own kids, I have seen a lot of backpacks over the years – both cheap and well-made. I have also seen what a cheap backpack can do to a kid’s back and to their school day. It may seem unimportant to us, as parents, but to those kids, it IS important to have a good, quality, reliable and pain-free backpack for school.      

      – Jack


Arming yourself with all this information means you get solid tips about specific backpacks from a single source and you don’t have to do a whole bunch of research. Jack knows you are busy and don’t have time for that. He makes it easy to stop by, look at some specific vital information and then make your purchase – you can even get Amazon’s best price by clicking right there on the page.

Jack makes it easy for you to browse, select and buy your backpack from a single source. Just click on the Amazon link that appears on every page.

Get Basic, Solid Info that You Can Really Use

The whole process of finding the right backpack that suits the specific needs of your student is flawed. It typically works like this: Parents rush home from work or head out to the local department store to find a backpack. Due to limited space, most stores carry a very limited supply of backpacks. On top of that, some retailers only carry cheap, substandard backpacks that typically  won’t last but a few weeks at best. Then you get to start the whole process all over again.

Why put yourself through that?

Just spend a few minutes browsing the pre-qualified selections at Backpack Ratings, find out what features and accessories work best for your particular situation, decide what you want to spend and press the Amazon icon at the bottom of every page. Just a few more clicks and your backpack is on the way and will be delivered in just a few days right to your door.

Now, if you just want to get out there and fight the crowds, put up with partially depleted inventories and substandard products – feel free. But, if you want to find a quality backpack and get it quick, then Jack is your man and Backpack Ratings is your place.

Those who have read Jack’s blogposts tell him that the information tends to be very reliable and great for making a quick decision about which backpack is the best one for your child.


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The Reason Backpack Ratings Was Created

A few years ago when my kids started off to their first day of school, one of the essential school supply items was a backpack. Being new at the parenting game and trying to save a few bucks in the process, I visited a local discount store. The selection was simply appalling. You see, I had a vast experience with backpacks – mountain and trail backpacks. So I knew what a quality backpack was supposed to be. The stuff they carried in the discount store was so poorly made, I wondered how these people could actually sell these to unsuspecting parents and students.

I decided it was time to make a change. I knew what I wanted –  a quality product which was reasonably priced and would last for a few years under the daily wear and tear of a student’s busy life. I discovered that there are a few companies out there that still make a decent product and offer it for a good price. I couldn’t be the only parent who was having the issues of buying a new backpack EVERY semester.

I started asking around, looking at stores, talking to the people who work in the industry. Sure enough, there seems to be a large number of companies who produce poor quality products just to make a quick buck. As a matter of fact, I suspected that some companies were even building this substandard workmanship into the products. I think they do this so people will have to buy a new backpack every semester. They sort of created their own market at the expense of unsuspecting consumers. That really made me angry!

In my searching, I also discovered a few companies that make good quality backpacks meant to last a long time. I realized a backpack of my own (an old Jansport basic backpack) had served me through all my years at school, college and even in the years after on my many treks to the Rocky Mountain high country. I still have that backpack, it’s sitting in my office just a few feet away from em as I write this. Funny thing is, that backpack did cost a bit more – but it is still with me and still in great shape. In my book, that’s money well spent.

So, as you peruse the posts of Jack’s Backpack Ratings, keep in mind that whatever you buy, Jack has already checked it out for you. Rest assured that you’re making a solid purchase when you buy a backpack featured on this website. Feel free to buy your backpack here by clicking on the Amazon product links at the bottom of every page. You’ll get the best price from Amazon and you’ll be helping me out in getting paid a little bit for all the time I put into this blog.

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