High Sierra Fatboy Backpack: Rated 4.8/5.0

The Roomy High Sierra Fatboy Backpack can Handle the Heaviest Loads

high sierra fatboy backpack

The High Sierra Fatboy backpack is a great value!

Jack’s Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

The High Sierra Fatboy backpack is really starting to get some rave reviews from students out there. I have to say that this backpack for school gets very high marks from me.

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High Sierra Fatboy Backpack Has Almost 2400-Cubic Inch Capacity

Wow – that’s really all I can say about the load capacity on this backpack. Put simply, you will not find very many backpacks that can handle this type of load and still be comfortable. The Fatboy has almost 2400 cubic inches of organized, roomy multiple-compartment space available to carry a huge load of books, notebooks and even your laptop – which has a dedicated carrying bag.

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Comfort is Key in a Backpack for School

Current statistics indicate that about half of all middle-school age kids complain about some sort of pain caused by wearing a backpack at school all day. When you’re looking for a good backpack for school, work, commute or any other situation, you want a backpack that is going to be comfortable all the time. The High Sierra Fatboy backpack delivers all-day comfort because of it’s unique design. Contoured, S-shaped Vapel mesh padded shoulder straps are designed as an overall suspension system that spreads the weight evenly for maximum comfort even when carrying a lot of weight. The padded back panel adds an extra level of comfort.

Versatile Enough for Any Situation

The High Sierra Fatboy backpack is also ready to handle an everyday commute or a trip to the gym. It’s a versatile pack that can be tailored to just about any need.  Whether you’re a grad student carrying your life around in a backpack or just a middle school student wanting to get a backpack that can carry all your books and still be comfortable all day – the High Sierra Fatboy backpack is for you.

Jack says: “The High Sierra Fatboy backpack is a winner – especially if you want a large pack that can take extra stuff and still be comfortable. I highly recommend this backpack especially at that low price.”

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High Sierra Fatboy Backpack Specs:

• Over-sized, large multi-compartment design

• Adjustable angled compression straps

• Multi-compartment Organizer

• MP3 Pocket with Headphone port

• Large hook for attaching additional gear

• Measures a roomy 19.5 x 13 x 7 inches (HxWxD)

• 2,382 cubic inches of interior space

• 600 and 1000- denier Duralite Ripstop material

Customer Reviews:

David Nobel gives this backpack 5 out of 5 stars

“Great functionality and build quality. I am pleased to report that my wife is extremely satisfied with the Fat-Boy. She is a grad student and uses it to haul around books, notebooks, lunches, and the miscellaneous small stuff routinely going back and forth from home to school. (The laptop has a dedicated carrying bag.) The Fat-Boy is heavy-duty and well designed with lots of functional compartments and features, including the dedicated cell phone pouch on the front of a shoulder strap, which she loves. In short, this backpack is so good that it is easily eclipsing the memory of her old one. Highly recommended.”


Ms. Elizabeth Bartee gives this backpack 5 out of 5 stars

“Sons School Bag. I bought this for my son because he complained about to many books and not enought room last yr. Well this one sure fixed him up nicely. It is not to bulky or to wide but seems to fit him just right. He is 14 and he is about 5’2. It is not as waterproof as I’d like for it to be tho. He got into a downpour and some of his things got wet so that would be the only drawback with this pack.I asked him just now if there was anything he did not like about his pack and he said no he loved it. So there you have, hope it helps.”


A.K. gives this backpack 5 out of 5 stars

“Love High Sierra. I got a High Sierra Fat Boy backpack my junior year of high school. I used it all that year and it held up just fine. Senior year, it was cool to have the camo National Guard backpack but halfway through the year, the bottom fell out of it, literally. I went back to my High Sierra one and used it the rest of the year and then all through my first year of college. To this day, it has no rips, tears, or frays! I’ve just put it through a beating and it is time to be retired due to stains! You can bet your bottom dollar I’ll be getting another High Sierra for this year. I believe I’m going to try out a different style, though. My favorite thing about this brand is the amount of pockets and space that you have available. I carry my laptop in a neoprene sleeve, a 1 inch(at least, sometimes bigger) binder and a college textbook in the back compartment. In the next one I always have my laptop charger, a zipper pouch, and my water bottle. Then in the front pockets I still have plenty of room to throw whatever I want in there. If my next one is anything like my last one, I’m sure I’ll have it until I graduate college! All in all, I’m pretty excited to get a new one after having my current one for so long. I’d probably still be carrying it if I wasn’t such a mess maker!”

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