Best Backpacks for High School 2013



See that cute little guy over there to your right? That is the venerable  Backpack Jack and every year he is asked to survey, inspect and rate a number of backpacks designed especially for your kids.

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This is his website and he doesn’t allow any messing around up in here – “just the facts,” as he likes to say. So, we publish the facts that Jack gathers from his own personal observations and the insight of others form around the Internet.

Jack’s mission is simple – to help you find the best, most reliable, quality made and durable backpacks for school. After all, Jack was a student himself many years ago.

Don’t Fall for the Marketing Blitz

So many of these so-called backpack specialist companies design the cheapest possible backpacks, using the cheapest possible materials. The one thing they don’t “cheap out” on is the marketing.

A backpack company may spend as much as half its budget to purchase the licensing rights to use a particular image of some cartoon character, pop singer or other “popular” image. The resulting backpack is usually something that resembles an actual pack or bookbag, but will likely only last  few weeks if your kids somehow manage to keep it from getting wet.



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